"...if you want it to grow"

The Vine Graft  team specializes in grafting grape vines. From nursery stocks, field rootlings, reworking recently established vines to mature age vines.

Vine Graft  uses a range of grafting techniques to best suit your vines to achieve the best results.

Two of the most important fundamentals in grafting are timing and success.

· Timing.—Vines need to be grafted as soon as practical to achieve the optimum growth. Grafting can begin as soon as sap begins to flow which is well in advance of bud burst but grafting at this time will not suit all types of vines to be grafted.

· Success —A high strike rate and a strong graft union constitutes success (and the two usually go hand in hand) in the field of grafting.

There are many other factors that influence grafting results.

Most vine grafters and growers have seen or heard of “hit and miss” results.

With Vine Graft’s knowledge in the field of vine grafting you can be assured of superior results.

Vine Graft  will offer a written guarantee of up to 98% and in most cases the team will complete the job in 14 days from commencement.

Contact Vine Graft  for your grafting needs “...if you want it to grow.”



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A mature age vine after 1 season.

A recently established vine after 1 season.